Thursday, January 10, 2013

Schluter Kerdi Membrane

Schluter Kerdi Membrane

Shluter kerdi membrane, shower tiles for the entire surface to waterproof adhesive that is founded on an integrated family of products. Traditional bath liner assembly, composite seals,  schluter kerdi membranea way to bind to the mortar bed, and with regular use, unlike saturated forever protect. In addition, schluter kerdi membranesteam to protect the wall  contents. schluter kerdi membrane over the schluter kerdi membranemembrane exhaust assembly provides a simple and secure connection.

Type of Thin Mortar

Portland cement - based unmodified thin set mortar strengthening depends on the presence of moisture for hydration. Since ®. KERDI is insensitive, it is not deprived of moisture mortar. This allows the cement hydrate, a strong, thick adhesive layer. In fact, after the mortar has set last (usually within 24 hours), unmodified thin-set mortar, high strength, while constantly moist achieved under the right conditions.

Exception: the stone is sensitive to moisture, such as green marble, or resin-backed tiles may not be suitable for use in damp areas or require special setting materials. For more information consult stone supplier and Schluter Systems. For an acid-resistant coating, an epoxy adhesive, and a set of pairs of tiles.schluter kerdi membrane certainly not the setting epoxy.

Modified thin-set mortar, ceramic and natural stone tiles for KERDI membrane is not recommended.

Polymer modified thin-set, and air dry to form a hard film mortar is connected properly. schluter kerdi membrane and two impermeable materials such as tiles, including porcelain tiles cover, open joints between the tiles is done by drying very slowly. [Tile Ceramic Tile Installation Handbook for North America, according to the Council, the period of 14 days to about 60 days to dry geographical location, depending the weather conditions, whether inside or outside the company]. Therefore, it is more time to dry, modified KERDI and ceramic tile, including porcelain tiles is connected, use the thin set mortar. If extended cure times were not met, the results can be unpredictable. This is important to consider in wet areas like showers, the additional concern of latex leaching.

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