Sunday, December 30, 2012

Schluter Kerdi

 Schluter Kerdi

Schluter kerdi this limit crack - Bridge feature in a pair of waterproof membrane. This is the mortar that the membrane is a thin soft polyethylene on both sides with a special fleece webbing made ​​can not be corrected.

Schluter kerdi decorative stone used with ceramic tiles, waterproof membrane has been developed. Tiles Schluter - KERDI using the thin bed method, you can install and Spaan the plaster coating of other materials, may also be used.

And the angle of the pipe can be used inside and outside as well as pre-cut part of the schluter kerdi collar's. Bone width of 5 "(12.5 cm), 7-1/4" (18.5 cm) or 10 "(25 ㎝) and Schl├╝ter schluter kerdi band around the joints for connection or angle - KERDI-FLEX, 5" (12.5 cm) or 10 "width of the seal expansion joints or flexible joints (25 ㎝) is used.

schluter kerdi Shower

schluter kerdi Shower Kit is an all-inclusive package without a mortar, a maintenance-free, watertight shower assembly is equipped with all the components needed to make.

schluter kerdi SHOWER-ST/-SC prefabricated substrates, expanded polystyrene foam ®. KERDI waterproofing membrane and ®. In conjunction with KERDI drain tile shower trays are made for. schluter kerdishower ST is a prefabricated, angled shower specially ®. KERDI - Drain and ®. KERDI waterproofing membrane is designed to accept. Trays are 48 "x 48" (122 cm x 122 cm), 32 "x 60" (81 cm x 152 cm) and size 72 "x 72" (183 cm x 183 cm). ®. KERDI - Bad SC is a prefabricated curb schluter kerdishower - can be used with ST. Appearance dimensions 48 "x 6" x 4-1/2 "(122 cm x 15 cm x 11.5 cm).

Schluter Shower integrated system leakage, efflorescence, and eliminates the risk of mold growth in the system, maintenance free, and dramatically to ensure success and make shower installation easier than ever to the overall reduction in assembly time allows. ®. Mortar building prefabricated shower substrates shower Schluter kerdi

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